Using NLP techniques in your CV & Resume

What is NLP?
It was developed in the 1970s by American psychologists Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP
posits the idea that a person’s cognitive, sensory, communicative, behavioural and emotional
faculties can be consciously ‘programmed’ to achieve personal excellence. The adoption of basic
neuro linguistic programming skills can improve business communication, relationship-building,
creativity and goal-setting.
How can we incorporate NLP into your CV & Resume?
We can write a CV or Resume, to enhance the brain’s ability to enable automatic response to real
and practical stimuli and situations, showcase that learning has taken place and constant change to
improve and suggests the person’s CV or Resume being inferred is practical and effective by using
powerful language.
We aim to unblock your potential and showcase your performance in a way that stimulates the
reader, by removing the psychological barriers such as failure by focusing on writing an achieving CV
or Resume rather than a doing profile.
Encourage the reader to understand or perceive that the professional is comfortable getting outside
of their comfort zones, achieving more than any other profile they have previously reviewed and
believed the person to be capable of doing that particular role. These techniques improve the
confidence and morale levels of a professional and increase their chances of getting noticed.
We use 3 frameworks to enhance the professional profile of our clients:
1) Content reframing
2) Influence & Persuasion
3) Anchoring


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