Corporate empathy is the way forward to retaining employees for longer

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80% of companies do not have a Restructuring or Redundancy strategy in place, let us help you show corporate empathy through outplacement support

Outplacement Support

The best investment you can make is in yourself – Warren Buffet

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On average, 1 Job will attract 250 CV's. As technology evolves, you must get smarter with the way your CV navigates its way towards the top of searches.

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About Our Company

iFormat specializes in writing professional, elegant, and authentic CVs and Resumes for any industry. Utilizing NLP, ATS, ROI and Concise writing expertise. We merge psychology with technology. With over 20 years combined experience in CV/resume writing, recruitment, coaching, cover letter writing, LinkedIn optimization, advisory, and business outplacement support, we are the specialists. We have personally reviewed thousands of CVs and resumes to understand the job market, and it’s complexities you are faced with today. Making us the best people to provide insight into what a professional profile needs to display to make the best first impression.

Whether you are actively seeking an opportunity, being prepared for new opportunities, board or committee opportunities, or an invitation to speak as an expert, a well-written executive profile will get you noticed among the crowd. Our consultation aims to give you constructive feedback to make enhancements to your profile.

On average, 1 job will attract on average 250 CVs or Resume’s; we are not in competition with each other anymore. As technology evolves, you must get smarter with the way our CV navigates its way towards the top of searches. We focus on making your CV and Resume an ATS, NLP, ROI, and Concise friendly and concise profile. On average, recruiters take 6 to7 seconds to scan a CV, so carry over your most important aspects.

  • NLP

    Neuro-linguistic programming, a part of language that stimulates the reader and activates the frequency illusion, increasing the reader's awareness of specific language, key and action words, better known as the Baader-Meinhof effect. NLP operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior.

  • ATS

    An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs; it does not necessarily reject CVs & resumes but does sort the most relevant ones to the top. We focus on the most effective CV/Resume that has no distractions from what we believe to be the most crucial aspect, the content.

  • ROI

    Carry over the most important content, incorporating ROI in achievements, growth of your career and learning capabilities. It's exceptionally useful to measure success over time and take out the guesswork for the reader. This is the impact you have made during your time at your company or your career.


    Wordy writing dilutes the impact of your message, concise writing, instead, helps grab and hold your reader's attention, it is one of the most desirable leadership characteristic. It reduces confusion and helps with understanding the market and how many profiles recruiters in today’s world go through.

What we do

We have a fundamental belief to ask questions that aim at understanding your role, and help navigate the consultants towards achieving an impactful and more effective profile. It’s important to know your worth and reflect on what you have achieved. The CV/resume writing experience can be an insightful, thorough, and thoughtful journey, one we hope to take you through, helping to place you in the best position to be approached for a specialist or expert role.

CV & Resume Analysis

A thorough analysis of your current CV or Resume, we aim to provide authentic and in person feedback that evaluates applicant tracking compliance, linguistics, layout, mobile friendliness, spelling, grammar and recommendations of your profile.

Our Creative Team

CV and resume writing can be an insightful, thorough, and thoughtful journey, one we hope to take you through, helping to place you in the best position to be approached for a specialist or expert role .


What our clients say

Lets’s see what people say about our company

The CVs produced by Jessica and her team, in collaboration with the candidates, are authentic, well written and professional.

Bridget Connolly

Hays Recruitment, UAE

Please don’t waste your time looking for someone else, iFormat is the best!

Saad Al Asmari

Learning Ambassador, KSA

We will definitely be working with Jessica again, and highly recommend her for your resume writing needs.

Elisa Emeritz

ICS Recruitment, USA

iFormat promptly scheduled a meeting and was able to write all the Resumes in time for the Tendering process to be finalized and processed

Nathan Jeffs

N2 Electrical, USA

Our Partners

We are partnered with globally recognized recruitment agencies to maintain up to date market and hiring needs for your CV and Resume.