If it’s understandable, it’s repeatable

Albert Einstein said; “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.
The last 11 years of my life has been about understanding and enhancing productivity at every level
of every business with learning and development, from a company that has 40 000 employees to a
company that has 25 employees. It is pretty much the same, or so I thought..
Being able to identify with employees has been something I have been able to do well since I started
working with people. It is an area I have taken almost 10 years to learn and to do well.
Learning & development has been the highlights of my career. I thought I knew it all, and there
wasn’t much you can teach me about how to manage, understand data, knowledge and strategy to
increase productivity.
It takes a certain type of business and person to change the mindset of a strong-willed individual. I
know some of you can relate. Recruitment in Dubai is not an easy career, especially if you take it on
as a job, the dictionary explains it as such “a paid position of regular employment”. If you do this,
you are lost and recruitment is just not for you. It takes a certain kind of passion to do what these
guys do, fulfilment at an entirely different level. Being able to help people understand other people
isn’t new to me, but nothing like what I have done over the past 10 years. One of the most
prominent quotes I live by today is Albert Einstein’s quote about having the ability to repeat
something is only related to being able to understand it. Simple yet, the most difficult thing to do
Having to understand one person’s motives, what they will do, what they won’t do have recently
challenged the way I believed people’s traits and behaviours dictate their decision making. Being
good at recruitment is just not good enough. Understanding why people do anything has been
pivotal in being great at what you do. There is no room for excuses, being locked into a rigid view of
one’s original beliefs, refusing to change, or not adapting to one’s style to the situation. These
arguments appear to demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of what constitutes a great
recruiter. Recommendations that recruiters should accept the things people say without challenging
them, embrace their inner unsuspecting self, this type of thinking will not work in the long-run.
With that said, my conclusion; it’s pretty simple. Firstly, when you are asking questions, ask it with
the genuine intent of curiosity, I know it is hard sometimes as you are always trying to think of the
next question before you forget it. Secondly, dumb yourself down, we don’t know everything,
“knowledge is not power, applied and shared knowledge is more powerful”. If you can’t share
it..well..you can make your own conclusion, I don’t know what you can do with knowledge if you are
not able to tell people what you have learned.
If you can repeat it, it’s simple, you understand it.


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