Psychometric Testing & Career Development



Know your worth! Be ready for opportunities.

Are you planning on growing in 2022?
Personal Development is key for anyone looking to harness their strengths and develop weaker areas.

We all have 3 personas!

  • An Everyday Persona: Which is who you are at work
  • An Underlying Persona: Which is your behavior to your closest friends and family, this is who you truly are
  • An Overextended Persona: This is who you are when you find yourself in a stressful or heightened state

Learning to acknowledge when you are overextended can assist you to build the tools you need to bring yourself back to your Everyday or Underlying Persona.

Want to have a Lumina assessment done by our registered practitioner?

What is your number #1 question when it comes to Personal Growth? We’d love to share our knowledge with you so ask away!

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