Psychometric Assessment & Career Personal Development Plan




Lumina Spark reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Find your inner spark and increase your potential. Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised reading of an individual’s strengths and developmental areas whether you are the CEO or a new recruit, it provides rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone.

You can Expect:

o An upbeat, and meaningful graphics and access to the App that brings our intuitive analytics alive
o Your personalised Lumina Spark portrait is easy to understand and it sticks using a highly visual model – the mandala and splash, which is a powerful way to understand and connect with different personalities and apply to decision-making, goal-setting and feedback
o Combined portraits with simplicity and depth, showing the 8 aspects and 24 qualities of personality, measured across 3 personas
o Rich texture and nuance to explore the dynamic movement of personality through using the latest empirical Big5 research as its foundation

o Meaningful interaction with experts that understand your needs
o Your personalised Career Personal Development Plan that focuses on improving leadership skills, emotional intelligence and authentic leadership

o You will receive a SMART incorporated plan that focuses on values can improve corporate relationships