The Personal Brand Builder



We help today’s future leaders by bolstering their presence on LinkedIn, making key connections to assist in the development of a sustainable network. Building and maintaining an authoritative voice on the subject matter. When building a personal brand on LinkedIn it is imperative to set the correct goals upfront and focus on those strategic outcomes with a plan of action.

This package includes our full Career Hunting Package and expands your reach with a robust social engagement strategy while building vital homepage credibility & creating and posting a few strategic opinion piece articles to evoke engagement. This will elevate your standing in the online market.

What to Expect:

  • Strategy session to define objectives, build authority for your personal brand
  • Full Career Hunting Package, including a Professional CV or Resume, LinkedIn optimization, Cover Letter, and interview coaching
  • Homepage Credibility building, ensuring your homepage is engaging and credible when viewers land on your page
  • Social Engagement and Connection strategy: Connecting with the relevant companies and people as per the strategy plan
  • Education and Training Session, how to continue building your personal brand after our collaboration
  • Engagement strategy, sharing of articles, and commenting on information relevant to the growth strategy
  • Content strategy, 4 days’ worth of content creation, once a week posting, and commentary to evoke a response and engagement from the targeted community
  • Provide templates on what to send with pre and post-connection status


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