LinkedIn Account Management



Maximizing LinkedIn engagement to build a meaningful presence with the LinkedIn network and community. Building and maintaining your Subject Matter Expertise.

When managing your LinkedIn it is imperative to set the correct goals upfront and focus on those strategic outcomes with a plan of action.

What to Expect:

  • Strategy session to define objectives
  • Connection strategy, connecting with the relevant companies and people in the required fields, and stimulate conversations
  • Education and Training Session, how to continue managing your LinkedIn effectively, focus on the three main categories of  LinkedIn engagement:
    – Social Engagement
    – Homepage Credibility
    – Connecting Wisely
  • Engagement strategy, sharing of articles, and commenting on information relevant to the growth strategy
  • Content strategy, 4 days’ worth of content creation, once-a-week posting, and commentary to evoke a response and engagement from the targeted community
  • Message Monitoring and connection approval
  • Recommendation and Identification of relevant jobs
  • Provide templates on what to send with pre and post-connection status
  • Comment on posts and articles to engage with the network and build relationships


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