Maria van Rensburg


Qualified Lumina Practitioner

About Maria

I am a considerate and passionate people-centric professional with little over 14 years’ experience in recruitment, marketing, interview coaching, cover letter writing, statement of purpose writing, CV writing, and career coaching. An Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of negotiation, management, interviewing, and business development, especially appreciating the medical industry within CV and resume writing.

I have the ability to build strong relationships to not only further myself but others as well. Smart, agile and committed. A results oriented professional with a positive manner and energetic attitude leading me to achieve not only my goals but also reach financial and operational targets set by our multinational organizations.

With a passion for traveling, spending time with family and friends, I am multilingual and can speak 3 languages, Afrikaans, English and Greek at a conversational level. I am a qualified Lumina Practitioner and Coach, Senior CV Designer, Psychometric assessment coach that focuses on enhancing growth in others through their professional journeys.

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Manisha Ramdhin


Global Map 4 Life accredited and leading map 4 life giver
Lifeline Counselor
Creative Consciousness Accredited

About Manisha
A large part of how she identifies herself is that first and foremost she is mommy to two beautiful boys who are traveling around South Africa, homeschooling, and coaching internationally.

She is a dream doula and thrives on helping and supporting women design and live the life of their dreams, through motivation, mind power, and magic.

She wants to leave every person that she is in touch with just 1% better.
After experiencing a few traumatic events growing up, she set off on a mission to heal herself. She has always had this thirst for knowledge, to understand what was happening, to transmute the emotions, and then to teach, uplift, and empower others through her experiences.

Her gift to the world is hope, the size of a mustard seed, which may not seem much at all, but it is all that is needed in order to rise up against our challenges and setbacks.
Her superpower is the ability to shift and transform mindsets,
And to give hope where there is none, and to be a beacon of light where there is darkness.

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Sally Chambers

Diploma in Counseling – The Blackford Institute, UK
Counseling Level 4 – The Blackford Center, UK

About Sally

I believe that engaging in meaningful conversation is something that sets my inner being alight. And the challenge of helping others is my heart driven desire. Having lived on three continents, (Europe, Africa and Asia) and holding three Citizenships (British, Australian and South African) I have met and made friends with people from diverse cultures. Personal connections epitomize my reason for being.

We are all complex, both open to and sometimes anxious about change. Hence we need to communicate fully, listen well and associate with all aspects of our being.

It’s those bumpy parts of the journey that really and truly create the person you are intended to be. Although adversity may bring emotional heartbreak, financial failures, fear of failure and unexpected health issues, these challenges force our life path to branch out and over difficult terrain. This is where Counselling can become a best friend and a helping hand to steer you through the dips, troughs and snares.

More recently, in my seven years, living in Dubai I found the Expat Society extremely diverse and interesting. Over time I joined many groups with different cultures, food, religions, and geographic were an everyday pleasure. The multiple languages I heard spoken on the beach and in shopping malls, and calls to prayer, became an eclectic choir of daily comfort.

In 2017 I qualified as a Counsellor with The Blackford Centre for Counselling SA and UK. I did this while living in Dubai where life had taken on new directions in a Compassion Sharing Group, a Dinner Club, a weekly Coffee Group, and hosting various types of World Class Training Courses. All the time I worked with people from mixed backgrounds and cultures.

Now based in Oxford, England. I offer my skillset in counselling to those in need, whether, it be to simply meet up for a cup of coffee and a chat, or even connect online, via a confidential link, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. And offer a variety of counselling techniques to suit your needs.

It will be a delight to work with you and allow TiE Counselling help you find the pieces of your puzzle.

I am on purpose for you!

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